You're Too Wonderful
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You're Too Wonderful CD

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INGENUO interview with Eight Two
 A.D.: Eight Two, What is the origin of this name?
Eight Two: Lots of reasons, beginning with the wheel arrangement of steam locomotives and ending with the first two registration numbers of the L trains in New York.
 A.D.: Introduce yourself to our readers.
Eight Two: I'm mainly doing compositions myself, but I have a great supporting team behind me. We can either talk about a one-man group, or about a larger organization. The people who play on my tracks are carefully chosen for each song according to their specific skills. I will take this opportunity to salute some of my great friends and co-workers who will recognize themselves.
 A.D.: Define your style of music with three adjectives. What are your main influences? In your description you refer to the killers & daft punk. Personally, you are more similar to the latter. Do you agree?
Eight Two: Yes.
 A.D.: When did you form your band? How did you meet?
Eight Two: As funny as it can look, my band began in 1982 (it's not part of the reasons of Q1 though...), when the first Prophet 600 came out. My friends and I were totally subjugated by this new technology that allowed keyboards to control computers. We had a Minimoog, our guitars and effects. Obviously it all wasn't what it is now, and our music was still elementary, but slowly we understood, gained experience. This might also explain why our musical approach – especially in the song Sweet To Me – is literally more analog than digital.
 A.D.: What are the places where you prefer to perform?
Eight Two: I come from England, which would be the place where I like to perform the most, and probably the least in the same time. I think playing for your Mom is the most beautiful and grateful thing one could do. But maybe the less enjoyable too. While talking in metaphors, what I really like the least is eating a hamburger sandwich and inadvertently losing half of its content in the plate.
 A.D.: Do you have a concert planned for the future?
Eight Two: No concerts for now, we are preparing the next album ... or another EP on a 45 rpm vinyl record, not decided yet.
 A.D.: Who wrote and what are the main themes of your songs?
Eight Two: Well, you know, the nineteenth century's individualism slowly brought into our heads that behind every piece of art there should be a person. Then we want to know his/her name, age, first love, first tooth,... and we kind of forget what it was all about. Nowadays, when you see a poster for a movie, the main actor's name is written bigger than the title of the movie. I'd rather get back to this time when anonymous people wrote songs for a reason, and no matter who did it, the reason goes first. Then, this reason could be the first love, first tooth, whatever,... It's just a matter of priorities.
 A.D.: Your latest work?
Eight Two: A love story between a river sponge and a sea octopus.
 A.D.: Your greeting for our readers:
Eight Two: Ho vissuto per un anno in Italia quindici anni fà. Mi ha piacuto tanto! In bocc'all lupo per tutti questi che fanno della musica, e per gli altri, basta il caffè americano.
 A.D.: Where can our readers contact you?
Eight Two: eighttwo [at] electricdivingschool [dot] com
Thanks again for your willingness
L'Ingenuo Direttore :)
Thanks, E.T.
By: Rafaël Leloup

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