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River Sponge was one of Eight Two's first songs originally put out in September 2007 under Tenderghost. The rough version:
River Sponge
by Tenderghost

[Eight Two in 2007]
It was longer, without the addictive bass lines of Dick Fury, and somewhat atonal, having an additional ending and almost completely composed with a $5 plastic childrens drum and Misha's awkwardly beautiful electric guitar loops that Gerardo transformed into delectably playable spanish and acoustic guitar textures while maintaining their quality of strange longing.

Tenderghost originally conceived River Sponge as a simple environmental love song:
“I wrote this love song from the perspective of an octopus who falls hard for a river sponge. River sponges are the softest creatures in the world. Finding one is rare, touching one is unforgettable. They meet because the earth is changing, the sea level is rising and the river is in the sea. Beautiful river sponge has always wished to be squeezed the way Octopus holds her, but can't survive long in salt water.”

The concept for the song came from conversations with Kate W. whose mind blowing sponge research revealed that sponges are real animals, but they don't have mouths (instead they absorb water through pores), can't move, and sometimes reproduce asexually by cloning themselves.

River Sponge video
The music video for River Sponge was shot in Red Hook, Brooklyn and features Adam Benham and John D. Fauller playing drums and bass. Watch the River Sponge video

River Sponge Backstory
A wise old lady who lives on the Magdalena River, in Colombia, is called on to separate two lovers. By attaching one hair of each to an octopus in the ocean and a river sponge in the Magdalena River. The curse she created to keep two lovers apart causes a disturbance in nature. Love is nature's most powerful force, so the sea rises and the climate changes and two creatures that were supposed to be apart forever, are drawn together in Bocas de Ceniza.

If this song sounds simple, good, because it isn't! Getting to this sound was incredibly hard. River Sponge was a multi-year project, it took a team of producers and some of the top talent in Brooklyn to get it to where it is.
Thanks, everyone!

Released 28 October 2012
Duration 00:04:30


Lyrics and Music by Misha Bittleston.
Produced by Tenderghost.
Performed by EIGHT TWO.

Misha Bittleston: vocals, electric guitar, synths, plastic drum and whistling.
Gerardo Giraldo: electric, semi-acoustic, acoustic and nylon-string guitars.
David Muller: drums and TR-626.
Dick Fury: bass.
Toshi Yano: Moog and Optigan.

Drum programming, arrangement, effects, children's toys and field recordings by Misha Bittleston.

Recorded from 2007 to 2011 by Toshi Yano at Melody Lanes, Brooklyn and by Misha Bittleston at Apartment Four The Future, Brooklyn, New York.

Arranged and edited 2008-2011 by Misha Bittleston and Dave Ahl at Apartment Four The Future, Brooklyn, with sublime and sagacious production assistance from: Gerardo Giraldo, Jon Bell and Rafaël Leloup.

Production Services by Stepwise Sound LLC.

Mixed (and so much more) by Pablo Arraya at Audio Piranha, Brooklyn, New York.

Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Music.

Artwork by Misha Bittleston.

It had been a tough winter in the city. In late spring 2010, Aja and Misha were hiking through the forest in Cold Springs, New York. The sun was shining through the trees and the little fuzzy bees didn't have too far to look. Aja asked Misha what he wanted to do this summer. Misha thought of all the sunny adventures waiting out there, but all he wanted was to finish River Sponge, a song he wrote in 2007. Needless to say, Aja made it happen, as well as running a marathon and traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Special thanks to Aja, Pablo and the people upstairs.

All rights reserved
Licensed with permission from: Electric Diving School Music
Master: © 2012 Tenderghost - Publisher: © 2012 Electric Diving School
Copyright 2007 (ASCAP) ID 880619094, ISRC USCAU0908202, UPC 753182816692

Eight Two is Misha Bittleston (Brooklyn) and Gerardo Giraldo (Colombia).