Creepy urges become sweet dreams in the new video for our song VENUS
directed by Vasily Ovchinnikov with Ksenia Kaverina   (March 2014)
Official Venus music video by Vasily Ovchinnikov
EIGHT TWO new single - River Sponge
River Sponge video
River Sponge is a preview of Eight Two's long time coming album – give it a listen, read liner notes or watch music video feat. Adam Benham, drums and John D Fauller on bass ⇛
Praise for River Sponge
"What a beautiful song! I love the vocals and the production is simply gorgeous!"
— Roth Whyler
"I love River Sponge! It is wonderfully original, unpredictable and catchy."
— moon to monk
"Great song, cool instrumentation and fantastic production, sounds perfect."
— Beige Music
"Unusual and lovely."
— The Clocktoys
"Fantastic groove, production and mix of sounds: I hear an ultimate dedication to music here"
— Heb Ik Jou Daar
"Surreal lyrics + dichotomic sounds with some slick production = a kickass track."
— Chicago Word Brigade
"Have to say I didn't see that coming, very gentle tune, great job."
— F***ed up generation
"beautiful! Great melody and effects."
— Talitaa Dias
"My foot started tapping right from the beginning. This song is infectious. Love the bass. Great vocals as well as lyrics. This is a hit."
— Wooden Viper
"Better than most of the stuff I've heard this year."
— Jeremy Koffarnus of Wizard Baby
"I am basically amazed by this track."
— Mozez Mahone

Praise for You're Too Wonderful

10 seconds into this EP by Eight Two and I am instantly in New York. Bright, arty electropop, perfect for skating round Central Park, with headphones on. 20 seconds later the words confirm it. New York boy sees/meets/loses/wonders about New York girl in a catchy, quirky and intriguing way, with building computerised harmonies and jangly guitars. The musical and visual theme continues, evoking kids on corners, in and out of coffee-shops and wandering through dark cityscapes in search of themselves and love. The lead singer, artist Misha Bittleston moved to New York from UK via California, to make this music in response to auditory hallucinations. Luckily the result is not as scary as it could be with a good mix of light and shade. Can't Think Right and Don't Feel Sorry For Lovers (which coincidentally includes a famous Scritti Politti lyric as I happen to be driving past the writer Green Gartside's home), navigating us away from Misha's odd landscapes toward more familiar pop territory. Following this course, Eight Two could easily find themselves with a hit or two on New York College radio at least and probably much further afield. –Gary Robins (BRfm) More...

The self released debut EP from Eight Two, “You’re Too Wonderful,” is available from Amazon, iTunes and at

You're Too Wonderful
You're Too Wonderful CD back with spine You're Too Wonderful CD inside with fold out booklet You're Too Wonderful CD front with fold out booklet You're Too Wonderful CD inside with stickers You're Too Wonderful CD inside fold out lyrics booklet

You're Too Wonderful CD

Some CDs are available direct from the artist and elsewhere

Can't Think Right - EIGHT TWO
Can't Think Right produced by Dave Ahl/Stepwise Sound and released on "You're Too Wonderful" is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, eMusic & free download on SoundCloud.
"Can't think right, but can be right, that's right." Music video.
Don't Feel Sorry For Lovers - SINGLE
Don't Feel Sorry For Lovers released April 2010 from "You're Too Wonderful" is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp & eMusic.
Official music video animated by pufutama.

Underground - SINGLE
Underground was the first single put out by Eight Two in January 2010 – iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, eMusic & Bandcamp

Wondering (remix) - SINGLE
Bonus single Wondering (remix) produced by Dave Ahl was released on iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Bandcamp, watch "no budget" video on YouTube